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🦁You need to activate the Hungry Lion Package First in your Account🦁

The Hungry 🦁LION 🦁 Package buying 12 Positions your Account

The system allows a member to purchase multiple positions.

Register and deposit $60 using either of these crypto Bitcoin
BNB Coin

Next purchase 12 positions in your Account

Then commit yourself to bringing 3 people who will also deposit $60 and buy 12 positions, those who also commit themselves to bring their three by duplication

NB , RECRUITing is not limited to 3, you can bring as many as possible

Your first 3 positions will cycle out at Cycle 1. You will receive $20 for each thus your $60 back.

When your 3 ppl duplicate with 3 each, their 1st 3 positions will cycle out and join you in cycle 2.

They will receive $60 like you, but you will receive $90 as Sponsor Bonus. $10 for each of the 9 positions.

This will continue from cycle 1 to 9.

See the chart for more Sponsor Bonus amounts from cycle 1-9

Total Sponsor Bonus per each position from cycle 1-9 is over $50000

What about from 12 positions

Each position you purchased can receive over $100k, from cycle 1-9. 🤔 How much will 12 positions 😀 give you

🌟🌟🌟This strategy will push you to Cycle 9 very fast. ALL YOU NEED IS TO TAKE ACTION🌟🌟🌟

It will only take your own effort to improve your life

Don’t be limited to only 3 Referrals, 4, 5,6 even 10 or more using same strategy but 3 is minimum

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