Want To Hone your Business English Skills

Become confident and proficient in your business correspondence.

Want To Hone your Business English Skills
Want To Hone your Business English Skills

More than 95% Of Employers In Non-Native English-speaking Countries said that English language abilities are significant for their business.

Want To Hone your Business English Skills

The main language expertise is perusing as English is the language frequently utilized in worldwide diaries, agreements and directions.- Cambridge English Survey.


About the Course

The Business English Intermediate B1-B2 course come in the form of 40 individual lessons. The first 20 lessons are available on enrolment. Once you have paid the fees, you will be directed to our “Thank You” page where you will find instructions for your enrolment. 

The course in on the “LeanDash” learning management system and you will require a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet. Lessons and quizzes are done online but assignments can be done offline and then uploaded. Pictures, audios and videos can be submitted after converted to the accepted file formats (mp3, mp4, jpeg, jpg, png,). All other software required can be downloaded free. (PDF reader, Open Document Software) 

You can dive right in and start with the first lesson immediately. The remaining 20 lessons would be available 30 days after enrolment. The lessons could be released on request earlier on your undertaking not to cancel your enrolment. On the “Your Profile” page, you can upload your avatar click on the link to open the course details: 

Lessons are divided into sections for:

  1. Introduction – with 5 lessons;
  2. Listening – with 7 lessons;
  3. Reading – with 11 lessons;
  4. Writing – with 5 lessons;
  5. Business Activities – with 6 lessons;
  6. Speaking – with 6 lessons

In the lessons there are videosaudiosdownloadable course materialswebsite links for further free materials and lessons. Most lessons have quizzes that should be completed and assignments that should be submitted for correction. Assignment are normally returned with in 48 hours (week days). All quizzes and assignments count for the certificate level on completion.

The course covers vocabulary, phrases, etc. to help you in various business situations such as introducing yourself (whether to new colleagues or in a job interview), writing clear and effective emails and reports, relationships in the business world, effective partaking in meetings (overcoming your stress and anxiety), speaking and keeping conversations going, and more.

I Help by improving the quality of communication

Relationships can be one of the strongest triggers of happiness and the reduction of stress. Good relationships provide support and help us keeping our spirits high.

On the other hand, relationships could become stressful and toxic, causing anxiety.

The most important part of what makes a relationship into a happy and free or a stressful and anxiety-filled one is the quality of the communication – whether oral or written.  

(Want To Hone your Business English Skills)