Unique Blockchain Technology Launching

Partner ship with bank OCS bank from Dubai

Unique Blockchain Technology Launching Solved big crypto problem by zeniq coin

Here are some of the reasons why i decided to get involved with Zeniq 

Zeniq is already solving one of the biggest remaining problems in the crypto market.

Crypto made easy for everyone.

You can mine the Zeniq Coin by minting.

You can see the minting live on the Coinbase Blockchain.

Invested once – 18 to 20 years of minting returns daily.

You can do what you want with your coins: Hold – Trade – Sell.

Zeniq is already listed on Uniswap and tradable there.

With the start of the first decentralized exchange you automatically get your 2nd income.

 According to the amount of your Zeniq Coins you will participate in the profits of the exchange, because the exchange will be 100% owned by the community.

The Exchange will be blockchain agnostic, which means you won’t need wrapping swapping anymore.

So you can trade any coin with one click and minimal fees only once.

The Exchange will also have the lowest fees on the market.

Store connections online and offline (pay directly with Crypto) will bring the third income.

OCS Bank from Dubai is already a financial partner of Zeniq.

 Royal Family of Dubai as a strategic partner

Tokenized Real Estate in Dubai

To earn from Zeniq you don’t need to build partners but I think as many people as possible need to know this.

️Important to know: If the minting packages are sold out, then no new people can participate in minting

These people can only buy the coin on the stock market.

Best to get in early, success love’s speed

Unique Blockchain Technology Launching

How to buy a pack:

1. Deposit the Pack Value: Wallet > Deposit > Choose the Payment Method (For Credit Card – Click on Additional Deposit Method)

2. Upon confirmation of Deposit, you can proceed to buy a Package. Shop > Choose the Pack > Click on Buy Now

Video – How to buy a Pack And More Info In media center when you Register

Unique Blockchain Technology Launching

Imagine a blockchain prepared to adapt to each different existing protocol such as Ethereum, TRON or Binance Chain. That means it is not necessary to perform more “wrapping” since its programming allows it to adapt to any other blockchain. The possibility to perform thousands of transactions per second makes it one of the fastest blockchains today.Can you imagine a truly decentralized platform with all blockchain protocols unified? With ZENIQ it is possible

Unique Blockchain Technology Launching
Unique Blockchain Technology Launching