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(Referral Code – M4n4FKM5KM )

(Name – Vikram Gholap)

Super.One Presentation |Something huge is coming

Want To Be A Part Of Gaming Startup That Might Take The Mobile Gaming Industry By Storm?

Its A 180 Billion Dollar Market And This Is The Opportunity To Get A Piece Of That Pie.

This is the opportunity to get in at the ground floor. 7 Ways to make money.

You Can Earn Residual And Passive Income Also With This Company.

The Potential Is There For This To Spread Like Wildfire And To Become Filthy Rich With This Opportunity If You Acquire Lot Of Shares.

Think Of This As Zuckerberg Inviting You To His Dorm Back In The Day To Talk About Facebook.

This Could Be The Biggest Winner For Everyone.

Mobile gaming industry is a 240 Billion Dollar industry So far in 2022.

We have created an educational skilled based gaming App where people can play to earn.

Who wants to play a game like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on their phone and stand a chance to win a million dollars?

Everyone! Right now we are building our community before launching the app in November 2022 before the football world cup in Qatar.

10% Fast Start Bonus – 10%-20% Binary On Pay Leg.

8 Generations Of 10% Matching Bonus.

Earn Dividends On The Tokens.

Earn 5% Every time Someone Top up Their Gaming Credits.

Earn From The NFTS You Earn. Earn From The Advertising Spaces You Own.

Introducing SuperOne, the world’s first Swipe-to-Earn Fandom Metaverse.

Every time a Pass or Freeze are used, cardholders are rewarded a 5% staking fee.

Seed and collect Card stories for extra staking fees

Every time the ad is viewed, space holders are rewarded with a 5% staking fee.

Register here:

(Referral Code – M4n4FKM5KM )

(Name – Vikram Gholap)