Getting Started with for $3 in crypto

Getting Started with for $3 In crypto

HURRY! Team Fund Pro Launched – 100% commissions and Automated Payments

Hey Everyone
This is the exclusive first link to the platform.

Team Fund Pro can take your $3 payment and generate over $100k through
the 2 phase 2×6.

The cost to get started is just $3.00 and you can pay with one of the following
crypto coins.


Once you sign up Follow these quick instructions before upgrading:
Click on “Upgrade “Then Click on” Update Payment Info “

and setup your NowPayments account if you have not done so already. This will take you about 3 minutes to complete.
Once you do this and enter your API on that page, you are ready to upgrade and start promoting!

This is something you haven’t seen before in the area of payment processors online. This enables you to add all the 6 coins we accept to NowPayments and automatically have them send the payments directly to your crypto wallet of your choice!

No admin withdrawals
No smart contract settings
No hash ids to enter

There are promo banners and links in the Affiliate center pageI personally recommend everyone upgrade to level 3 so your downlines do not skip you. Once you have started receiving payments enough to cover level 4, do that asap

Please know , there is spillover with this program. You can receive your two referrals for level one from promoting or spillover from your sponsor
The part of this game that can get tricky is upgrading before your downline, so stay in touch with them!

Good luck to everyone!