10 amazing freelancing  tips  just for you  5 Tips to start Freelancing  For Beginers use these tips for fast growth

Ten10 tips which i believe i have followed throughout my freelancing time and this will surely help you 

1.Have an emergency fund and lots of patience just to make sure you have some money set aside that you can use to pay your bills until you start making money freelancing 

2. Listen to other people’s experiences, but don’t assume it will be the same for you Some of them even tried it, and it was a complete waste of time, money, and energy. they didn’t make it

3. Set up working hours. This is a good time to set up some working hours.Get some testimonials while you are at it  

4. Build a strong  portfolio If you have no clients at all, just get in touch with some NGOs and do some work for free for them. 

5. Sign a contract with every client Contracts are made to protect youboth  to make things smooth .Take  time to name clearly all the deliverables,deadlines, and the payment details.  

6. Ask for a deposit before you start working While you’re doing the Contract, make sure to ask for a deposit before start working. It can be as little as 15% to 35% of the Contract.For new clients,

7. Stay organized  Invest some time and money in Promoting yourself, branding, and networking to stay organized.  

8. Develop a support network The support network is essential to help you drive more business and handle work commitments faster and better.     

9. Keep track of your numbers Knowing your numbers can help you plan ahead. Tracking the numbers can help you measure progress and success. There is really no other way.   

10. Have a personal life You might be tempted to work around the clock, . Make some time for Yourself,