Facebook Meta Layoffs : Mark Zuckerberg's big decision, fired as many as 11000 employees in Facebook

Facebook Meta Layoffs: Facebook's parent company Meta has decided to lay off more than 11,000 employees

Facebook Meta Layoffs : Facebook, the most used social media site in the world, has given a big shock to its employees.

Meta said on Wednesday that the layoffs are taking place this year as the company grapples with the market due to rising costs and reduced advertising.

The company has laid off 13 percent or more than 11,000 employees. This is the first time in the 18-year history that the company is making such 

Mark Zuckerberg said sorry Mark Zuckerberg has sent a message to the employees saying sorry after the reduction of employees.

In his message, he said, "While online commerce has returned to normal, macroeconomic slowdown increased competition

and ad-signal loss have resulted in lower-than-expected revenue."I made a mistake and I take responsibility for it

I know it's hard for everyone And I feel especially bad for those who lost their jobs." This is how much money the laid off employees will get ...

Meta said it will pay each laid-off employee 16 weeks of basic pay as a separate package.In addition ...

 2 additional weeks of basic pay will be available for each year of service.they will cover the health insurance costs of the employees and their families for the  6 months.

Provide three months of career support with an outside vendor to laid-off employees. Meta said it plans to cut costs and extend a hiring freeze in the first quarter.